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I will never forget when Black Panther was first introduced in Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War, I can almost see myself leaning over to my husband whispering, “Ro, who is that?”He then replies, “Black Panther,”and both fear and excitement swelled up inside of me as I began to imagine what the world would think of him. “How will they come up with ways to discredit this?”I thought.

To my surprise, they done gave him a whole movie y’all. Can I tell you how I was elevated to new heights when that beat dropped in the first promo? Step into the spotlight.Blackness. Step into the spotlight.More Blackness.Step into the spotlight.Even More Blackness. Yassssssss!

“This movie is Black AF,”I exclaimed, joyfully. I don’t know if I could have imagined anything like it. Absolute perfection.

We’ve had Black heroes — for those of you that are bent on highlighting that. Okay #kanyeshrug. What’s your point? There is an endless sea of White superheros. Trying to belittle the impact of Black Representation on this scale because we have three super heroes is stupid. Sit down. Be humble.

What’s amazing about Black Panther is that it’s built around a community, untouched by the history that plagues Black people today. No slavery. No Jim Crow. No crack epidemic. No preschool to prison pipeline. Nothing that was a direct effect of being brought here in chains. And it paints the picture that not only could we have been fine — if left alone, but we could have reigned in the most Regal, Black Excellent, #blackgirlmagic, Melanin Poppin’ way possible.

Watching an African King called Black Panther, reign on a team of white superheroes changed my perspective on what the world is capable of. All of that to say, the internet is out here playing, like we not about to show up on opening night like it’s a complete red carpet affair and we are all starring in the movie. Jokes on you internet, because #weready.

So I asked my close friends to come out in their Black Panther attire for a #blackafphotoshoot to celebrate Black Panther, Black Excellence, and Black Representation. And boy, did they show up!?

Photo Credit: TK Consulting & Design LLC


Photo Credit: TK Consulting & Design LLC

Photo Credit: TK Consulting & Design LLC

Now, I challenge you to #blackafredcarpet on opening weekend to showcase your support of Black Panther, Black Excellence, and Black Representation. Will you join us??


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