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Christian + Chava

Christian + Chava

It wasn’t until September of 2018 that I had the pleasure of meeting Christian and Chava virtually for their pre-wedding consultation. Although they had booked with us a few months prior, Christian was entrusted with securing our services and that was completed via phone.

It didn’t take very long to see why these two were a perfect match. Chava was such a calm, sweet and easy-going bride, while Christian was kind and absolutely enamored with the bride-to-be. We briefly discussed details about their wedding and after getting off the phone, Chava and I scheduled a little surprise for the groom.

When the day finally arrived, we met the bridal party at Whitewater Creek Country Club, which is a gorgeous venue in Fayetteville, GA. Rain was forecasted for the day, but it didn’t cast a shadow on the spirit of the bride or groom.


Upon my arrival, I was welcomed by the ladies, as they enjoyed their mimosas and prepared to have their faces done up for the momentous occasion. Chava sat peacefully, as her bridesmaids steamed her veil with the occasional loving glance, reflecting on what was to come. As the ladies did their thing, I moved through out the venue to capture all the details a bride can easily miss on her big day.



When the Groom arrived, the groomsmen quickly stole the show. True New Yorkers. The guys were fun, loud, and very personable. They definitely kept things interested. Although I was busy shooting the bride, my second had a blast with the guys and she did an amazing job!



As the men shouted their excitement to the heavens (LITERALLY), I met the most beautiful flower girls in the world. They were between three and four years old and they had lots to say. They told me about all the colors they saw the bride’s bouquet and wanted to get a first look at all of the pictures. Being a mother of three came in handy for this part of the joy — but one of the bridesmaids, and mommas of one of these little sweetest was the real MVP.



After trying to get my ovaries under control, I waited for the bride to be adorned with her something blue, something borrowed, something old, and something new. She was absolutely radiant.


And the rest went something like this. . .





We were so honored to be apart of your day and we hope to be apart of more. Thank you for having us!

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