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Oh, The Places We Love In Atlanta!

Oh, The Places We Love in Atlanta!

#1.Ponce City Market

We love Ponce! (Like . . . A lot!) You may or may not have noticed but we spend lots of time shooting at Ponce City Market. One of the reasons why is Ponce is a perfect spot for natural light with lots of different settings to capture a million different looks. It’s a GO-TO location for branding sessions where people want to have a few different looks and also family-friendly. For entertainment, you will find shopping, food, and the BeltLine. This space offers both professional and creative spaces for inspiration.

#2. Krog Street Market

We love Krog Street for many of the same reasons we love Ponce. Krog has great food, it’s off the BeltLine, and is super versatile. It’s not as big as Ponce but some options that are unique and worth a shoot! This is also a premiere location for branding sessions.

#3. Piedmont Park

Piedmont is a pretty classic Atlanta location. It has lots of greenery but also some pretty unique buildings that are hidden within the park. In addition, Piedmont has one of the best spots to capture the Atlanta city Skyline. It’s a perfect spot for family and couples.

#4. Old Fourth Ward

One of our favorite spots for families with small children is Old Fourth Ward. Its a great open space with a park and splash pad– just in case the kids need some incentive, and has some really beautiful flowers and greenery. Old Fourth also has a really cool water fountain that can be great for couples.

#5. Cam Kirk Studios

The one and only studio to make the list is Cam Kirk Studios. Although we prefer natural light, every once in a while there is a need to go inside and away from the sun. Cam Kirk has super helpful and knowledgable staff, as well as all the backgrounds you can image that can be switched out at will. It’s a very cool spot that CAN be child-friendly on request. Great for seniors and individuals that prefer a solid background. There is a cost but it’s affordable, in addition to having a free option.

#6. Hodge Podge Coffee

This one may seem a little random because it’s a coffee shop but they are photographer-friendly with huge windows and an awesome space. This option is great for headshots.

#7. Cator Woolford Gardens

Cator Woolford is very much like a small garden paradise. It has beautiful greenery, epic columns and lots of stairs. We love it best for capturing couples and families. The space can be used at no cost but must be scheduled with the property. 

#8. Roswell Mill

One of the most notable parts of Roswell Mill is the bridge. It’s a staple there but that’s not all. Roswell Mill has lots of trails, beautiful streams and lush greenery. I don’t believe Roswell is actually considered Atlanta but it’s close. In addition, Roswell Mill is located near a very cute little town, if you don’t mind doing a little walking.

#9. Westside Provisions

West side Provisions is very similar to Ponce and Krog Street, in that there are lots of shops, food and a variety of scenery to explore. It’s definitely a place that you would want to explore during the least traffic times.

#10. Silver Comet Trail

Although waking the Silver Comet Trail involves a little bit more exercise than other spaces, it’s great if you want to capture lots of green. This location is technically fifteen minutes outside of Atlanta, but would be really great for families and even a fitness brand.

#11. Taylor- Brawner Park

Taylor-Brawner is known for its huge white columns and rocking chairs. It’s not a large space but is perfect for children and families. It can also work for mini sessions.

#12. Smyrna Community Center

Smyrna Community Center is somewhat of a hidden gem. It’s located about fifteen minutes outside of Atlanta and it has a few options inside but a nice variety of space outside. In addition, there are shops located nearby that allow for some versatility. This space can be perfect for several different types of photoshoots.

#13. Millenium Gate Museum

Millenium Gate is a small park located outside of Atlantic Station. It has some pretty grand structures with huge tall buildings as the backdrop. Around the outside of the building is great for branding sessions and engagements. The building also leads out into a park with a bridge and water that can also be a great space to photograph families.

#13. Atlanta University Center

The AUC, which includes Morehouse College, Spelman College, and Clark Atlanta University, is a great space for Alum to return home for family pictures or for graduates to take their final pictures before graduation. These campuses are not as open, so entry may be somewhat limited depending on when you are visiting. 


#15. GA State University

GA State is a pretty cool location because it’s an open campus, so there less restriction, as well as a variety of areas to be photographed. It’s obviously most perfect for alum and graduation pictures, but can be a useful space for professional images and headshots.

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