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3 Ways To Engage Your Audience 

3 Ways To Engage Your Audience 

Connecting with your audience as a brand is one of the most important parts of growing your business. Is your brand keeping up with current trends? Are you setting trends? Are you active and consistent? Below are a few ways you can engage your audience as a content creator.

1. Ask Questions 

Essentially, you want to get to know your audience. What better way than to ask questions. This will allow you to understand your audience and help build a greater connection. Think about the types of questions you could ask.  It’s good to know what your audience likes or dislikes. Ask about their favorite restaurant or tv show? Make it relatable to the content you’re currently creating around your brand. This will help you to make better content geared towards your audience without sacrificing your brand’s identity. Ask questions that compare a certain thing, place or topic. For example, Do you prefer a vacation at the beach or somewhere in the mountains? 

2. Relatability and Consistency

If you want to draw in more people, be consistent and share personal stories. This will allow your audience to get to know you better. As a result, they may be inclined to share their own stories with you. Much like having a conversation, this helps build authentic and genuine relationships with others. Be sure to bring some character to these conversations. Show off your personality and make it fun. Your brand should speak a language that stands out.  

3. Respond to Your Audience

Your audience wants to know that you see them. Are you responding to the questions you’ve asked? In what ways are you responding to your audience? Make it personable. The more you interact the more engagement you’ll receive. Encourage your audience to respond, share their responses with other supporters. This way, your audience knows you care about their opinion. Find ways that you can learn from your audience. Along with asking questions and sharing stories, be open to their opinions. 

Raquel Ravenell is a writer, jewelry designer & wire worker with an online business called “RAVENELL”. She is also the Co-founder of Whiskey and Rosemary; a lifestyle brand that focuses on craft cocktails, creative content, food, travel, experiences and community.

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