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5 Times You Need A Photographer

5 Times You Need A Photographer

If you’re here, you know photography is one of our big pillars at TK. Photography can be used for so many different reasons all centered around capturing a moment and sharing it with those who need it most. Whether that’s an event photo or a business branding image, we believe there is no occasion too small or large to hire a photographer. 


I think this one is the most obvious. On the day when love becomes a lifetime commitment, it’s almost necessary to have pictures to capture the moment. It doesn’t matter if you decide to have a huge wedding, a courthouse wedding, or even an elopement. It’s not always about capturing something to show others, it’s about capturing a moment in your life that means something to you. A memory that you wish to cherish. And a wedding is exactly that.


This one may not be so obvious. We believe the proposal is just as important as the wedding itself because it’s the moment you earn a new title and take your relationship to the next level. Proposals aren’t just about kneeling on one knee and saying yes. It’s about vulnerability and honesty. It’s about creating a scene beautiful enough to hold such a decision. And it should be captured in all of its glory.

Birthday Photoshoot

Hiring a photographer for your birthday is a necessity because it is one of those moments in your life where you celebrate yourself – a necessity in itself. With a birthday party, you want to get all the little details you spent so much time including in your plans. You want pictures of your outfit and your hair and all the effort you put into making yourself look amazing. Lastly, you’ll want your photographer to get images of all your guests – the people who came to support and celebrate you on this day.

Social Media Content

Have you heard the phrase “content is king” a million times in the last few years? Are you tired of it yet? We are too, but the reality is, content really is a thing you need to have if you plan to use social media as a marketing tool. If this is the case, it will benefit you to have professional images to share. Brands, businesses, and even consumers often pay attention to the caliber of your images on your page to determine whether or not to work with you or purchase your product. Set up a session or two to have some photos taken that can be used over the course of a month or so. This will take a little planning but it’s worth it.

Business Branding

It goes without saying that your business branding and marketing are priorities as a business owner. That includes all things portraits and images as well. When it comes to business, you can utilize a photographer for several different business needs. If you’re intentional, you can make sure your branding and marketing materials coordinate by ensuring your images are all done by the same photographer or at the very least, photographers of the same style. You can build as you go but some of the essential images you need are headshots, product images, team photos, and event images. 

Ifie Natasha Brandon is an Atlanta native writer, author, and content strategist who believes in the power of authenticity and creative storytelling. She graduated from Kennesaw State University with a bachelors in Human Services and received her Masters in Creative Business Leadership from Savannah College of Art and Design.

With ten years of experience as a multi medium storyteller, she helps entrepreneurs and organizations tell stories that build and impact their community through her company, The Write Pieces. She is a newly certified yoga instructor with a passion for connecting with creative women and when she isn't working, she's watching shows, taking long walks in nature or hanging with her husband and two kids.

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