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A Full Marketing Team

We’ve partnered with hundreds of companies to help them deliver their messaging, products, and services to their ideal client. Now we are bringing that power directly into your hands.

For a limited time, we are inviting local businesses the opportunity to leverage our team to elevate their brands by giving them FULL ACCESS to all of our creative services. Why? Because being all-in results in bigger impact and the bigger the impact, the more likely we are to continue support businesses well into the future.

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What is a marketing retainer and how does it work?

A marketing retainer is a recurring service that guarantees a certain amount of agency time on an ongoing basis. Retainers allow for continuity of work instead of engaging from project to project, which can be a lot less consistent. 

For companies considering building an internal marketing team with a limited budget, a monthly marketing retainer may be a more cost-effective offer.

Here are a few questions that you may still have:

How is time tracked?

We use billable hours, which just means that we track our time based on the requests. We will provide monthly reports of projects completed and time used. Unused time can only be used within 30 days of then end of the month they were issued.

For example, if you have 2 hours left over from January, you will need to use those additional hours in February. Rollover hours are used after your allotted time for the month.

What if we need more time in one month?

Additional time can be requested at the retainer rate.

Can we prioritize projects?

Yes! Your account manager can support you in ensure projects are completed in the time that you need them.

Is content creation (i.e. photography/videography) included in this service?

Yes. This package includes all of our services. The only thing that is not included is any additional fees that are not offered by the agency (i.e. studio fee, etc.)

Are there any services that are not included?

No. You would have access to all services once the retainer begins.

How are requests made?

We have an internal system to make project requests. Additionally, each client is assigned an account manager.

Do I have to commit to a certain amount of time?

No. We do ask for 30 days notice to end services.

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