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How To Start Something New

How To Start Something New

We have officially been in 2022 for about a week now. It still has that new car smell. With the New year comes the new ideas, new strategies, new… everything. And while it’s fun to think and dream about this new person we will become in this fresh new year, the hard part is actually making it happen.

Well, look no further. We are here to give you a few tips on how to get your thing rolling! Whether it’s a business you want to start, a relationship you want to build, or a new project you need to finish, we have some things you can try to make this year everything you want it to be.

1. Dream it

This is the easy part. Many of us have mastered this part already. The Dreaming. The thinking about it. The visualizing. 

We do that naturally it seems. We get an idea and we see everything we want it to be — and that is good. Keep creating that picture in your mind. Growing the vision, allowing yourself to feel what it will feel like when you have that car, cash that check, buy that house, start that business. Allow yourself to live in that future you want for yourself. 

Once you have that and it feels real and tangible, don’t stop there. Go get your pen!

2. Write it

Once you have that vision, write it down. Write what you see in your mind. Then write the plan — the steps for how you see yourself getting there. Writing it down doesn’t mean you can’t change or adjust. It just means you have something you can put your hands on and look at whenever you need to. 

There is a power in pulling thoughts, ideas, visions that live in your imagination into this realm. It is the beginning of manifesting that which you have envisioned. It is powerful. It works!

Once you’ve written it, there is one last step — and this may be the most important one. You have to start it!

3. Start it

You can dream and visualize all day. But nothing happens until you move. Until you start putting the plan you wrote into action. That is when you start learning what works and what doesn’t; what you are passionate about and what you aren’t; what you are good at and what you need help with. 

So many times, as entrepreneurs and creatives, we can fall in love with the idea of the perfect situation or circumstance. But there is no such thing as perfect. There is just the now. Instagram will fool you into thinking you need this or that to be successful. The reality is all you need is the will to start and the ability to course correct as you push forward. 

Start it! Start before you’re ready! Start right NOW!

Let’s be honest — there is no one way to start your project!

These are just a few ways we think might work for you. Allow yourself space to dream and believe you can have whatever you want; write it down and how you plan to make it happen; and then START… RIGHT NOW!

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