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Easy Peasy
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Big projects can feel daunting but we like to keep things as simple as possible.

From start to finish, our Clients go through a four phase process to help things feel a little more palatable. Here are our four phases.

  • Phase I: Conceptualize
  • Phase II: Commit
  • Phase III: Create
  • Phase IV: Conversion

Here is how it all works.

Phase I:

to form a concept or idea of (something).

Hey you! Yep you.
Guess what? You made it. 

This phase begins with the idea that you need something you don’t currently have and now you are preparing for that thing. You are searching for companies that may be able to meet that need, so this is where you do your research.

Here’s how we work our way through this phase:

  1. Review our portfolio
  2. Fill out our Let’s Begin form
  3. Schedule your consultation

Phase II:

to pledge or bind (a person or an organization) to a certain course or policy.

You’re ready to get started!

This phase is all about on-boarding and getting all the documents completed. We make sure we are clear on every aspect of the project and it’s all in writing.

Here’s how we work our way through this phase:

  1. Review your documents
  2. Pay your deposit and sign your contract
  3. Submit requested documents

Phase III:

to bring (something) into existence.

This is the fun part!

This phase is where you work with our team to bring your vision to life. How awesome is that? We get you deliverables, you review them, and then give us feedback. This process varies per project but at the end of it, you will have a final product.

Here’s how we work our way through this phase:

  1. Designing your deliverable
  2. Reviewing your project
  3. Finalizing the project

Phase IV:

the process of changing or causing (something) to change from one form to another.

You have the end product!

This phase is how we transfer your project deliverables back to you. Whether that involves training or a transfer of files. We submit your final documents to you and you are ready to win BIG.

Here’s how we work our way through this phase:

  1. Review your completed deliverables
  2. Send over your files
  3. We invite you to share feedback

Ready to get started?

Or do you have some more questions? If so, check out our FAQ.