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One Race #MarchonAtlanta

Honestly, It's been difficult finding the words to describe my feeling when capturing the #marchonatlanta last week. I'm just thankful there are those who will boldly stand with us.

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2019 Black Girl Boss Reading List

It's a new year and I'm really not trying to be the same me when it's all said and done. At the end of 2018, I was thinking of some ridiculously large goals to set. Some were scary and others…

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Christian + Chava

It wasn't until September of 2018 that I had the pleasure of meeting Christian and Chava virtually for their pre-wedding consultation. Although they had booked with us a few months prior, Christian was entrusted with securing our services and that…

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I will never forget when Black Panther was first introduced in Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War, I can almost see myself leaning over to my husband whispering, “Ro, who is that?”He then replies, “Black Panther,”and both fear and excitement swelled…

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