Oh, The Places We Love in Atlanta!

We have had the pleasure of shooting all over Atlanta! Learn some of our favorite spots to shoot!

2019 Black Girl Boss Reading List

It’s a new year and I’m really not trying to be the same me when it’s all said and done. At the end of 2018, I was thinking of some ridiculously large goals to set. Some were scary and others seemed like natural progressive steps for my life, but all were large in their own […]

Christian + Chava

It wasn’t until September of 2018 that I had the pleasure of meeting Christian and Chava virtually for their pre-wedding consultation. Although they had booked with us a few months prior, Christian was entrusted with securing our services and that was completed via phone. It didn’t take very long to see why these two were […]


I will never forget when Black Panther was first introduced in Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War, I can almost see myself leaning over to my husband whispering, “Ro, who is that?”He then replies, “Black Panther,”and both fear and excitement swelled up inside of me as I began to imagine what the world would think of […]