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Our Story

Our Story

When our agency began, I struggled with the relevance in creating yet another design agency. In 2016, there were so many services where people could either go the DIY route or they could utilize directories geared at offering the cheapest possible option. Outside of a creating a competitive cost structure, it didn’t seem necessary to create another company.

Despite the well-saturated field of design, the initial heart behind the agency was to help people bring their vision to life in a way that was affordable and effectively attracted their ideal client. Our niche came in the form of two clients: (1) the person who was ready to act on their dream and didn’t know where to start, and (2) the person that had worked with freelancers who oversold their services.

After over half a decade in business, we’ve found that one of the biggest problems in our field is having a safe space for business owners and entrepreneurs to start or grow. If we just look at the numbers, you will find that there are only .1% of creative agencies that are run by women but 40% of business are women-led. Now imagine what that looks like for the 28.5% of Black-led businesses.

Why does this matter?

We will be the first to acknowledge that no matter who owns the business, there are duds in every field yet, but the significance of diversity from the top down is proven. Agencies that don’t prioritize diversity efforts and intentionally prioritize understanding the needs of women and minorities, are not actively creative space spaces for minority-led businesses which can lead to an overall lack of alignment.

Just like any business entity, we demonstrate our values through our leadership and our marketing. In order to work with people from diverse backgrounds, we have to make an effort internally and externally. That is something most agencies aren’t willing to do — not in a major way at least.

“We design with you in mind” means that we make the effort to speak to who you are and the uniqueness of your product or services. We value diversity and inclusion beyond a company statement. We invest in our community in we invest in change the face of design.

We get to know clients, taking our skills in communication, fun with design, and value of people to share their voice with the world.

Work with us.

Takia Lamb founded TK Consulting & Design in 2016 and currently resides in southwest Atlanta, GA with her husband and four boys. She received her B.A. in Psychology from Spelman College and her Masters in Social Work from GA State University. She has spent most of her professional career in nonprofit management.

Her passions include strategy, storytelling, and photography. Outside of her work, she is all about community and is dedicated to supporting nonprofits and social service organizations.

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