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“They Ask Me What I Do and Who I Do It For”: The Why of Your Why

“They Ask Me What I Do and Who I Do It For”: The Why of Your Why

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” – Simon Sinek

We’ve all heard this before: Knowing why you do what you do is the most important piece of your business. But why is this? Why does knowing your why mean so much?

Not many of us can relate to Lebron James. A 6’8”, 250lb professional basketball player that has been called a king since he was 16 years old. He has everything and more than most of us could ever imagine. Why is he so beloved?

When Lebron won his second championship with the Miami Heat, I remember he stood on the platform and he said, “I’m Lebron James from Akron Ohio… I’m not even supposed to be here.”

Now, at first glance this has nothing to do with his why. But thinking about it more, I would argue it has everything to do with it. After leaving Miami and returning to his hometown team, Cleveland Cavaliers and then leading them to a championship, he yelled out, “Cleveland this is for you.”

His why is centered around his home and making those people proud and continuing to push the limits of what the world says he should be. 


The reason your why is so important is because it signals to your tribe that you belong to them and they to you. They don’t have to look like you or think exactly like you to resonate with your why. And once that happens, it creates a bond — a connection — that makes this journey enjoyable.

Your why allows for people to plug into something bigger than themselves. If you’re a plumber, your why makes it easy for people to identify with your business, even if they’ve never been a plumber. Because purpose isn’t what you do, it’s why you do it. It’s your vision for the world and how you plan to impact it.

So if you don’t know already, spend some time thinking about it. Because once you find it, it will energize you and the people who resonate with you — and that’s what it’s all about. 

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